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The Aurora headlamp is something that has been highly requested by many Lynx OGT customers since our founding. Here it is! This is a no-comprimise, bright and powerful wide-beam headlamp with red light capabilities.


Why Red?

Red light is both less disturbing to the human eye as well as wildlife. Useful for hunting, wildlife viewing, pilots, campers, and those who like to have a light option that doesen't wake up your brain in the middle of the night. The red light is a certain frequency that keeps you and your surroundings in night mode. With the Aurora Vista headlamp you will still get the incredibly bright and wide angle light that Lynx OGT headlamps offer.


With 3 white LEDs and 2 red LEDs in one unit, now you can appreciate the quiet wonder and glowing expanse of the night, as well as the excitement of flying down a fully lit up trail all in one headlamp! Like all Lynx OGT products it is compact, simple and light, but also incredibly high quality, tough and effective. Since 2019 a hedlamp such as this has been highly requested and we can safely say we have something here that will blow you away. 



-White light: 1200 lumens high,  50 lumens low.

-Red light: 300 lumens high,  50 lumens low. Hold button to go direct to red mode from off. 

-Red and white modes both feature an initial memory setting (selectable from 5 different brightness levels)

-3x Osram P9 White LEDs, 2x Red LEDs. 

-Both red and white beams are wide angle with strong even coverage throughout the beam. 


-Fully rechargeable with USB-C style charging port (cable included). 


-114 grams total wheight (strap, headlamp and battery) One of our lightest headlamps. 


-Special top of the line 3500mAh Sanyo battery optimal for Canadian winters.  Made in Japan. These cells often test at above 3600mAh and have excellent longevity. Other rechargeable and lithium-ion headlamps usable battery life will fall by up to 95 percent in cold weather. Ours  remains consistent. Tested in the Kootenay backcountry where temperatures range from 0 to -20 Celsius in winter.

-Battery Life: 3hrs peak/high,  5hrs high,  50hrs low

-Made of 6063-T5 reinforced aluminum, Very sturdy. slightly thicker than our ultralight series headlamps but thinner than the classic series. 


 - Aurora Instructions - 

Aurora Headlamp

SKU: 073593509335
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