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What about customer support?

We are pretty much unrivaled in this. Simply send a email or call and I will get right back to you, you will not get some call center or indecisive drawn-out process. Everything should be easy! At this point it is me (the owner) who handles customer service. I find it is one of my favorite things to do and provides the highest level of service for our customers. What other companies can say that?

Shipping Policy

Canada: Fast + Free shipping on all orders above $50 Delivery: 2-4 Business days for BC, 2-6 business days rest of Canada.
USA: Free shipping on orders above $50. 5-10 business days delivery. (may be subject to duties)
Australia+New Zealand, Europe and International: Free shipping on orders above $50. 5-12 business days delivery. (may be subject to duties)
$15 flat rate shipping on all orders less than $50. 
Every order is shipped out as quickly as possible from our off-grid facility here in Nelson, British Columbia, Canada.

Do you accept e-transfer or cash? (Debit instead of credit payment)

We also accept Interac E-Transfer. Please email or call and I will let you know the correct amount to send (must add tax or shipping to some products). E-Transfer email address is We also take cash for local orders. Working on a crypto option as well.

Who do you ship with?

We ship free with Canada Post Xpresspost. As we have found that this is the best option for Canadian customers especially in remote and rural locations. We ship directly from Nelson, BC with either Expedited or Xpresspost, as soon as possible after your order is placed. Stuff usually gets there quick!

Can I pick up or browse products locally or get local delivery?

-We primarily deal online, but sure. We are located outside Nelson, BC (4x4 high clearance vehicle access only at headquarters as we are off-grid up a mountainside). Message or call and we can meet here or potentially nearby.


-Online orders which are made a close distance to Nelson, BC or headquarters will most likely be delivered by us (not a shipping company) and get there fast! (1-2 business days) this service is included in our free shipping policy.

Can I order over the phone?

Yes you may, please call 250-777-7918

Do you ever have sales?

We do not have any sales ever (not even black friday) The price is the price. All products are universally backed by a long warranty and amazing customer support. Prices remain the same year-round for all customers. There are no discounts, only excellent products and service.

Are the headlamps Really that bright??

Yes they are. Lumen Ratings are the energy output ratings at full battery voltage or charge (lumens will slowly drop as charge is depleted) At full charge and right until it's time to charge, they put out amazing amounts of light, they are brighter than the headlights on many vehicles!

Where are the products made?

We are a BC based business with products and parts are made globally and locally, based on realistic available quality manufacturing and where we are at right now. This includes China, South Korea, USA, Pakistan and Canada. We are always looking for ways to bring things more local, but at the same time have respect for our manufactures of high quality goods all around the world. As of now we have not found a local viable option to manufacture here at any cost, small electronics hardware manufacturing in BC has never really existed. Plans are being made for a new facility here in BC to develop new larger products which will be manufactured here, but it will take a lot of time and effort. No matter where a component or assembly takes place, we value high quality product and fair treatment of all those involved. Most manufacturing is done elsewhere, but all of our operations, quality control, fulfillment and service are in-house, off-the-grid here near Nelson, BC. 

What is your return policy?

30 Day returns/exchange on all products. Buyer pays return shipping plus original shipping or 2nd shipping fee ($20-$40 total depending on location). The policy only applies to lightly used or unused products (you tested them out and they are as new and re-sellable). Does not apply to orders outside Canada. Does not apply to used products. Does not apply to custom orders or products. 

Off-Grid Technology... I don't see any solar panels..

Working on it! We are about to add more products that enhance the off-grid vibe. Headquarters is currently way off-grid in the mountains and the need for a durable, bright, comfortable and bright headlamp while living off-grid inspired the company. We charge ours using solar energy, soon you can too!

Will there be more products? I can't find exactly what I'm looking for...

Yes there will, I'm always working on something new, and this is in part determined by customer requests, if you would like to see something new please contact me!

Will you sell me an incomplete headlamp or product for a discount?

We can only Guarantee or give customer service for complete systems. We will not remove parts prior to purchase as it can lead to problems down the line. The best performance only comes with a complete product system.

Do you sell parts and support your products long term?

Yes we do! Available to any existing Lynx OGT customer, we can sell you parts such as brackets, straps, high-quality batteries, front glass, o-rings, covers, contacts, etc... We offer support to keep products going in the long run!
Exceptions: This service is for Lynx OGT customers only, we will not spend the time to check compatibility, repair, replace or sell parts for 3rd party devices which are not sold by us. Parts are also available for discontinued or earlier version of headlamp models. We will not leave you in the dark!

Warranty Policy

We stand behind what we sell. You should not experience problems as our products as they are built with quality components and designed with back-woods durability in mind. But should something stop working, products are warrantied against manufacturing defects for 1-3 years depending on the exact product. This does not include breaking a product through lack of care, or use with other incompatible components such as 3rd party batteries (not always the correct voltage or amperage ratings). Defective products must be returned to headquarters in Nelson, BC for inspection/repair/replacement. And a working unit will be shipped back to you by us afterwards. If you are having any issue, please email a detailed description and photo to and I will get back to you with a solution.  

What headlamp is best for what I'm doing?

Please give us a call at 250-777-7918 or shoot a message and we are glad to pair you with the right light. Us and our team live rurally in the mountains off-grid and do almost any activity that you can use a headlamp for. Outside the door is the ultimate testing grounds.  So we can definitely recommend what works best for what!

Missing anything? Please Contact:

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