Who We Are

When you buy a product from Lynx OGT, you are not just getting a product in the mail. You are becoming part of our story and getting a guaranteed happy solution to your technological needs and helpful dialogue with us. Lynx OGT is a modern throwback to the days of yore where products were indestructible and guaranteed by the companies that made them, only instead of heavy metal based products we have some of the worlds lightest and high tech products, a perfect combination of utilitarian and high-performance technology, where these seemingly contrasting qualities cross over, this is where we live.   

Lynx Off Grid Technology is the creation of Dylan Bucher. The headlamps are the first product, with many more innovations on the way.  Dylan Lives near Nelson BC, on an Off-Grid homestead up a south-facing mountain, Solar energy, wood heat, spring water and heavy snowfalls are the normal, when I'm not in the office working, I'm either, tinkering with the power, compost and water systems or snowmobile-skiing from the house or using a chainsaw to do something.

The philosophy of the company is no cost-cutting, the best quality, the best value, The best performance, durable and long-lasting are also a must.  No planned obsolescence is used, Due to this we get high quality goods with insane performance! 

I am always investing in new products that diversify the company, So if you like what you get that means there is more coming.

 All components are the best I can find, the best manufactures around the world are compensated appropriately, and you get great value! Everything from the first step to the after sales service is Win-Win-Win-Win etc. We are ramping up to be a premier brand and business located in British Columbia.

A big shout out to everyone who makes this possible, building the products, promoting and selling the brand. All the athletes and artists involved. And most of all those who support the vision. Thank You! 


Dylan (Lynx OGT guy) playing in the mountains near home.