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The Technology

What's Inside

Top of the Line Lithium-Ion Battery

Did you know there are still headlamps out the powered by single-use AAA batteries? I know right? Welcome to the future. All Lynx OGT headlamps are powered by a rechargeable 3500Mah Sanyo 18650 lithium-ion Battery. The battery is the heart of a headlamp, and all Lynx OGT's come with a premium Sanyo battery specific to the Canadian environment, these will not quit out on cold days like other lithium-ion batteries might. This combined with efficient high-quality LEDs is what accounts for the long battery life. To ensure safety, the headlamp itself has protection circuits. These create layers of protection against over-charging, over-heating, low voltage and rapid discharge. Each cell can be charged 1000 times! which is the equivalent to using 3500 AAA batteries in a traditional outdoor headlamp! When the cell is finished its life, a new one can be purchased and then installed in about 10 seconds. Paired with solar and other types of energy, the waste is minimal, the cost savings are huge and the potential is limitless.


Water-Proof Micro-USB Charge port

All Lynx OGT headlamps can be charged with a simple Micro-USB cord (Android charger) in around 4 hours depending on how depleted the battery is. The Micro-USB port is sealed from the elements with rubber o-rings. 
This enables Lynx OGT headlamps to remain rechargeable but tough. When the sides are fastened, no sand, dirt or water can reach the charge port or battery compartments. Charge in any 1 or 2 amp USB port (Laptops, phone chargers, power banks,  Bluetooth speakers, car chargers, etc.)


Cree LEDs

On the left is the Lynx OGT headlamp, on the right is a competitor's. The 2 different LEDs may use the same amount of energy, but the one on the right produces less light and more heat, the light is also not uniform and has a blue glow to it. This is the reality in most LED headlamps, cheaper Chinese-made LEDs producing excess heat. Lynx OGT Headlamps use only American-made Cree LEDs. It is the high efficiency of these LEDs paired with the heat-shedding design of the aluminum headlamp body that allows the headlamps to have the ultra-high lumen outputs that they do. These high quality LEDs  produce a pleasant and bright white light that is full throughout the beam. Ultralight models use new Cree XPL.


Simple and Ergonomic Design

Our headlamps have incredibly easy to adjust straps. They also feature a detachable headlamp body. Everything keeps the user in mind and is as tough, compact and simple as possible. Most importantly, there is no awkward battery on the back of the strap! Everything is contained within the headlamp body and weight is centered as close as possible to the head to prevent the headlamp swaying during activity. Despite the tough design, high energy capacity, and aluminum construction, the headlamp, battery and strap weigh in at only 125 grams for utilitarian models and 110 grams for the ultralight models, world's lightest in class!

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