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Light, bright and rechargeable. My go to headlamp for any backcountry mission. Saves me a bunch of money on batteries and saves the environment in the process! Highly recommended to anyone looking for a go-anywhere, do-anything headlamp

"Quality product! got me the dual light, super happy, best headlamp I have ever owned. Thank you!"



 I ordered two headlamps one evening, they arrived at my door the next day (okay, I live in Nelson). I’ve spent 20 years working in the backcountry, and my problems with headlamps have always come from batteries, plastic housings and parts, and headbands that lose grip. Can’t tell you how many headlamps I’ve been through. These are aluminum housings and seem super tough, they are rechargeable so no battery issues, and the headbands are really beefy. Oh, and the lumens is unbelievable. I’ve used them for a month camping, have only recharged once, and they are awesome so far. And as an added bonus, I got a (can’t say buff, but you know...) headwrap. Totally happy with these headlamps and highly recommend.

So much brighter than any other headlamp I’ve ever had. Super high quality product. I’ve used it for weeks without needing to recharge it. Amazing headlamps, especially for the price.



Things I like about your product are: water proof (i.e. throw-in-bottom-of-bag-on-soaking-wet-day waterproof), BRIGHT!, consistent light & wider than my focal area, some useful adjustability but not too much, great run times, seems durable.

We get gear. It's a perk of the gig. The stuff we like, we give it a review – no money changes hands. Occasionally we get gear by local companies to try and very occasionally we give it a 9.5/10 rating. This is one of those times.

Lynx OGT is headquartered on a remote mountain property above Kootenay Lake and has only been around a year. But they're making the lightest, brightest and best headlamps and bike lights we've ever used. And they come with a 3-year warranty! We're putting their headlamps under Christmas trees this year. You should too.


Kootenay Mountain Culture

I’ve been using the Lynx OGT for a few months in an industrial setting. Its great to have a reliable light for early mornings in the bush. I really appreciate the durable metal construction and the ease of charging. No messing around with picking up or disposing of batteries. Just plug it into the pickup and it’s good to go for a few weeks of use. I would definitely recommend the Lynx OGT for any industrial / heavy duty or work setting.

A fantastic headlight, best we ever had. Using as a work and search light while sailing. Love that it can be always charged unlike lights with batteries that always fail at an inopportune time. Thank you Lynx.



My first raven is still goin strong. A lot of industrial sandblasting/coating exposure..still shines bright, works as new basically, original battery still charges well..etx.


"So light and so powerful! This is the best headlamp/bike light we’ve ever used." -Mountain Culture Group.

-Kootenay Mountain Culture

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