Airy Double Headlamp

Airy Double Headlamp

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    -1150 Lumens (on full charge). 

    -Battery life: 4hrs20min high / 11hrs medium / 70hrs low

    -USB rechargeable (cable included)

    -Comes with a 3500mAh Panasonic or Samsung battery with excellent cold weather performance.

    -Waterproof / dustproof aluminum construction. (not for diving)

    -True White LED colour

    -Lightweight only 125g


    The Airy Double provides extreme brightness for extreme sports. Its tough and simple and pairs well with skiing, mountain biking, snowmobiling, dirtbiking, 4 wheeling, hiking, or racing. Light up the woods or the mountains so you can travel at night.  The battery has a huge capacity so you can be sure that you have plenty of time to play. With 2 Cree LEDs this headlamp lights up a wide field of vision and shines a great distance into the terrain.  

    -Includes everything needed (Headlamp, head-strap, lithium battery, charge cable, instructions)  Options are for extra adhesive helmet mounts and mounting systems.

    Options for end cap:

    -Magnetic. powerful magnet great for sticking on sufaces while working on vehicles etc.

    -Non-magnetic. Less electronics interference if stored close to things in backpack or on body, slightly lighter.


    2 Year Warranty.

    60 Day Free Return. 

    Satisfaction guaranteed.


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