Raven Double Ultralight Headlamp

Raven Double Ultralight Headlamp

Worlds lightest 18650 Headlamp! Ultralight series

-1800 Lumens (on full charge)

-Battery Life: 3.5hrs (brightest setting)-100hrs (low setting 50 lumens)


-True stepless dimming -memory function.

-110 grams (battery+strap+Headlamp) a huge feat for an aluminum 18650 headlamp. worlds lightest! surreal how much light there is in front of you and how little you feel on your head!

-Live battery level display underneath power button


-Micro-USB rechargeable

-Extremely wide 120 degree beam angle with faded edges makes it so night time really feels like day, because of this it is great for action sports like mountain biking.

-Special top of the line 3500mAh battery designed for Canadian winters. Other rechargeable and lithium-ion headlamps usable battery life will fall by up to 95 percent in cold weather. Ours remains the same. Tested in the Kootenay backcountry where temperatures range from 0 to -20 Celsius in winter.


This is truly the highest quality rechargeable headlamp on the market. It is ultra light, weighing only 111 grams and long lasting with a 3500mAh battery. It is slimmer, brighter and lighter than the already insane Airy Double. Couple this with better usability and smoother functioning controls, with the same durable aluminum construction and waterproof design you get the Raven Double Headlamp. Image what you can do with 1800lumens, 3.5 hour battery life on full brightness and a headlamp so light and slim it feels as if its almost not there! This is simply the finest headlamp on the market for 2020. 1st click on is memory setting, 2nd click is full brightness. 3rd click is off.Hold down is stepless dimming whichs automatically sets the first setting. Double click is strobe mode.


-Includes everything needed (Headlamp, head-strap, lithium battery, charge cable, instructions)  Options are for extra adhesive helmet mounts and mounting systems.



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