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Now you can have spare batteries to bring along on backcountry and off-grid adventures. Secured in a sturdy waterproof case. Gives extra play time or energy security while you're far away from wall outlets. We have now moved from Samsung to Sanyo due to better long term performance. 


-3500 mAh Sanyo battery. Lithium rechargeable (same as in our headlamps). Excellent cold weather performance and long term charge capacity characteristics compared to other lithium batteries. These spares are compatible with all the different headlamp models we have sold. 


-Takes only seconds to change batteries in and out of your headlamp. 


1 year warranty

Spare battery


All regions in Canada, USA and on planet earth have fast and FREE shipping on orders over $50!

Orders under $50 have a $10 flat rate shipping fee.  

Shipping times:

BC: 2-5 business days depending on remoteness

Rest of Canada: 2-6 business days (depends on distance from Nelson, BC)

USA: 5-10 Business days (may be subject to import duty)

Rest of Earth: 5-12 business days (may be subject to import duty)

Every order is shipped out as quickly as possible from our off-grid facility in Nelson, British Columbia, Canada  

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