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The Otus headlamp is the latest in technology from Lynx OGT.  It is a high-power headlamp specifically for activities that involve speed, but is also highly versitile as an everyday headlamp as well. The Otus aggresively lights up the night, while still offering the legendary lightweight and compact size Lynx OGT is known for. The Otus is a new standard for users who demand the most performance out of their headlamp. 


What is new and different about it? It uses 4 high-end Cree LEDs and a large lens to create a combination of a wide 130 degree flood beam and far-reaching spot beam simultaneously. This combo beam allows the user to see further into the distance and see upcoming terrain, while also having a strong flood beam to maintain peripheral vision and keep the user comfortable in any scenario.   


Lumens alone dont tell the whole story, due to the 4 LED layout and enhanced cooling fins, The Otus is the best headlamp we have for consistant high-output usage, perfect for action sports. this is acheived through superior heat-shedding characteristics.  Additionally, the characteristics and colour of light emitted from the Otus's LEDs goes further into the night while using less energy. We are happy to say we now have a headlamp specifically tailored to all the sports we do around BC. Such as: mountain biking, backcountry snowmobiling, skiing, mountain-biking and dirt-biking. This thing is made for the adventure and everything beyond. 


-1500 Lumens high mode (2000 lumen max turbo mode for 30 seconds)

-3.5hr (high) to 60hr (low 70 lumens) battery life.

-122g total weight (not bad!)


-Stepless dimming for every level between high and low brightness.

-Brightness level memory function for 1st setting (determined by where you leave the stepless dimming)


-USB-C rechargeable

-130 degree flood beam and 20 degree spot beam combo

-4X Cree XPG3 LED bulbs.

-Thick high-transmittance glass. 


-Special top of the line 3500mAh Sanyo battery optimal for Canadian winters. Made in Japan. These cells often test at above 3600mAh and have excellent longevity. Other rechargeable and lithium-ion headlamps usable battery life will fall by up to 95 percent in cold weather. Ours remains consistent. Tested in the Kootenay backcountry where temperatures range from 0 to -20 Celsius in winter.


 - Otus Instructions - 

Otus Headlamp

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