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Named after the Orca or Killer whale for its tough nature (thick military-grade aluminum and glass). Sharing nature, Orcas share food with eachother and this flashlight also doubles as a powerbank to charge other devices. Waterproof (obviously). Extreme intelligence (Orcas have the 2nd largest brain of any animal, and this device has an intelligent digital display and management system). And finally its increbly sharp teeth, as represented by its 4000 Lumen beam that pierces the night. 


Nothing has been looked over or cheaped out on with this unit, it is a true multi-purpose backcountry device, designed to stand the test of time. It just so happens to also be packed with intelligent features. 



-Simple+Intuitive Digital Display. Always know the status and modes of the flashlight with the water-proof display. (Battery level, brightness mode, stepless dimming, strobe mode + SOS, lock mode, charging status, powerbank function)

-Memory function

-USB-C charging and powerbank function. The Orca has a singular water-proof charge port that acts as a 2-way connection for both charging itself and other devices. You can charge the unit itself through this port and, with the provided connector, charge your devices (phone, camera, anything that plugs into a standard USB charging outlet). You can even charge your Lynx OGT headlamp from dead to full 3 times on a full charge. 

-Smart Overheating Protection. The unit will manage itself based on temperature to protect it's internal components from temperatures created putting out its mind-bending light. 

-Cooling Fins. 



-4000 Lumen Max brightness, 200 Lumen Min brightness.

-385 grams total weight. 

-26hrs run time on 5% Min brightness.

-4hrs run time on High mode(60-100% brightness based on operating temperature of the unit) Continuous 100% is only possible for a short time due to the heat produced by 4000 lumens, Once the Smart Overheating Protection senses excess heat the light will be turned down to 60% brightness.



-Cree XHP70.2 6500K white light LED

-10500mAh battery bank (top of the line Sanyo cells with good cold weather performance) 

-Thick high-grade aluminum 

-Thick high-transmittance glass

Orca Powerbank + Flashlight

SKU: 073593509168

3 Year warranty 

30 Day Returns (must be unused in new condition)

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