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New for October 2022. Mount your Lynx OGT headlamp securely to your full-face helmet without any modifications or permanant fixtures on the helmet or visor. The semi-flexible plastic mount is backed by high quality flexible silicone rubber,  fixed tightly in place with durable fabic straps and is completely removeable.


If you ride like us, you'll find this location on the helmet provides ultimate peace of mind as there is no worry of your mounted light snagging branches or alders. The mounting location provides excellent lighting exactly where you are looking, while also being easy to adjust the headlamp angle and settings with just 1 hand on the go.


Includes chin mount and the adapter you select for your specific headlamp. 

Full Face Helmet Chin Mount Kit


All regions in Canada, USA and on planet earth have fast and FREE shipping on orders over $50! Orders under $50 have a $15 flat rate shipping fee.  

Every order is shipped out as quickly as possible from our off-grid facility in Nelson, British Columbia, Canada  

Shipping times:

British Columbia: 2-5 business days (depending on remoteness of location)

Rest of Canada: 2-7 business days (depends on distance from Nelson, BC)

USA: 5-10 Business days (may be subject to import duty)

Rest of Earth: 5-12 business days (may be subject to import duty)

*Larger orders may take longer to assemble and ship.

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