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The Cat Eye Headlamp is for those who like to adventure, for those who want a reliable headlamp to work for long periods of time. Its single LED lasts incredibly long and puts out 500 lumens. Great for camping with friends, extended backcountry adventures and for mechanical repairs, safety etc. With the capability for sport use as well. Something in the distance? Just turn the lens and the light will focus into a beam allowing you to see deep into the wilderness. 


 - Cat Eye Instructions - 

Cat Eye Headlamp

SKU: 27996301


-500 lumens 

-Waterproof / Dustproof aluminum construction (not for diving)

-USB rechargeable (cable included)

-Comes with a 3500mAh Sanyo battery with excellent cold weather performance.

-Battery Life: High 7hrs / Med 19hrs / Low 72hrs

-Lightweight! Only 125g

-True White LED colour 

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