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Through our extensive testing at headquarters in the Kootenays, we've determined that this is the best system we have for backcountry snowmobiling.


1X Otus 1500 lumen high-effeciency headlamp. 

1X Full face helmet chin mount for Otus.

1X Spare battery in waterproof case.


-The Otus has great cold-weather performance and illuminates far down the trail or into the alpine, while also maintaining adequate flood beam light for slow speed or tree riding. The ultra-efficient CREE LEDs ensure plenty of light output for energy consumed. Our batteries simply perform better and for longer in real winter environments. 


-The chin mount places your headlamp securely on the full-face helmet in a place where tree branches do not knock it off or change the angle, snow is easily brushed off and settings are quickly adjusted with 1 hand and with gloves on. The light is also not obstructed by the helmet visor in this position nor is your vision effected by reflected light from the helmet visor. 


-The spare battery extends your play time and safety factor in harsh mountain environments. Battery getting low? Just pop the fresh one in from the waterproof case with no tools in 10 seconds flat and keep going.





Ultimate Snowmobile System

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