Alpenglow Red LED Headlamp

Alpenglow Red LED Headlamp

Night vision headlamp, be like the ever aware Lynx.


-Max 800 Lumens white light,

-3 brightness settings + stepless dimming

-2 red LED settings (100 lumen max )

-micro-USB rechargeable

-3500mAh Samsung Battery

-Run time:6hrs high/ 12hrs med / 18hrs low

-Special top of the line 3500mAh battery designed for Canadian winters. Other rechargeable and lithium-ion headlamps usable battery life will fall by up to 95 percent in cold weather. Ours remains the same. Tested in the Kootenay backcountry where temperatures range from 0 to -20 Celsius in winter.


We are now offering a headlamp based off the Airy double that has red LED capabilities. Red Light is less disruptive to our night vision and enables you to keep your naturally expanded pupils less affected during and after use. It also is said to be more friendly to your circadian rhythm. Single click is white light, double click is red light. It is also quite bright with 800 lumens on the top setting. A great stealthy, yet bold wilderness headlamp.


-Includes everything needed (Headlamp, head-strap, lithium battery, charge cable, instructions)  Options are for extra adhesive helmet mounts and mounting systems.


Options for end cap:

-Magnetic. powerful magnet great for sticking on sufaces while working on vehicles etc.

-Non-magnetic. Less electronics interference if stored close to things in backpack or on body, slightly lighter.


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